Moon Over Mars

Moon Over Mars is an exciting volume of compelling Pop Music, layered with World Beat Influence and Hypnotic Electronic Undertones, that will leave you Mesmerized, Energized, and Completely Fulfilled! 13 Songs. Music, lyrics and vocals by Alicia Grant

Dare to Confess

From raw and intimate . . . to richly intense, "Dare To Confess" is a potent combination of Pop/Rock/Alternative songs that seriously don't disappoint.
Dare to Confess Autographed CD


EP Demo
Alicia Grant makes you say WOW with this four song EP, offering music that has been called insightful, hypnotic, magical and captivating. Alicia's Pop/Rock style is dramatic but mellow, slightly alternative in places, and more than just stimulating and innovative.

Alicia Grant Dance

You can DANCE, for inspiration! If you haven’t heard Alicia's captivating dance mixes, you’re missing out. Eight upbeat tracks featuring club and radio mixes from dance masters like Rick Tale, Beowolf and Cc.k

Alicia Grant Music

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